Here at Social Butterfly Media we take pride in our privacy policy, your data is important to us, and so we think it's essential to keep our policies updated regularly. So please check back and read the following carefully:



We ask for certain information such as your full name, birthdate, address, phone number and e-mail address when you register for any of our services, or if you correspond with us. We may also retain any messages you send through the Service. We use this information to operate, maintain, and provide to you the features and functionality of the Service


If you provide us with any of your personal data, this is taken as your consent in that you are accepting our terms. We collect and store the information that you provide to us voluntarily. If you disagree with the following Privacy Policy, then please do not disclose your details to us. This Privacy Policy is part of our Terms and Conditions so this too will be updated as and when needed.


Any personal Information that you provide us with will be stored for our own records only and will never be disclosed to any third parties nor will your details be used for marketing, unless you opt into our marketing emails and newsletter separately. In this case, we may use your information to contact you in the future with promotional offers. We use the information we collect or receive, such as your email address, to communicate directly with you. We may send you emails containing newsletters, promotions, and special offers. If you do not want to receive such email messages, you will be given the option to opt out or change your preferences. 


We also use your information to send you Service-related emails (e.g., account verification, purchase and billing confirmations and reminders, changes/updates to features of the Service, technical and security notices). You may not opt out of Service-related emails. Social Butterfly Media will not give, sell, or rent the information that you collect to a third party such as an advertising company outside of Social Butterfly Media LTD.


Our website uses cookies to collect information from visitors so we can improve your access on the site and send you special offers.


We will only hold client information for up to 5 years. If you do not work with us or utilize our services within the 5-year period, the record of your personal data will then be permanently deleted.




Any Information that you provide us with is stored on secure servers. We will take all reasonable steps to make sure that your data is treated securely in line with this privacy policy and data protection laws.


Contact us by phone or email if you do not want us to collect or use your information, or if you would like us to delete the information that we have obtained.





All of our clients are required to sign an agreement disclosing the agreed upon direct debit terms, and a confirmation of those details. The direct debit will automatically be taken from the chosen account on the agreed date, on a weekly or monthly basis. One month’s notice is required when closing your contract with us, we will continue to do business with you up until the final date. If your direct debit bounces and the transaction fails, you will receive a second chance and then if required we will take further action. Invoices can be sent upon request.


We take the security of your personal information very seriously. Any section of this website that collects personal or financial information is encrypted to protect it and is only accessed by our employees in order to process payments.